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High Quality Garage Door Cables In Richmond Hill

garage door cables Richmond hillGarage doors cables Richmond Hill, use various types of springs. Springs that sit above the garage door are torsion springs, and you should not try to remove or replace them. It is a dangerous job best handled by a professional. If you are trying to replace the cable that runs through a garage door spring. First, you must relieve the spring tension. Second, you have to do this with extreme caution. Garage door cables play a vital role in the movement of your garage door. Once these cables break, garage doors tend to lean on one side that puts extra pressure on the garage door rails. In that case, which leads to an expensive repair bill. Now, you can prevent a non-functional garage door by fixing broken cables immediately. Most of the work realigning the new is to cable with the garage door cable drum. Although a few steps are necessary, you need a cable cutter and a little arm force to perform this repair.

How to Replace Garage Door Cables

Remove the cable drum by sliding it off the head plate. Next, inspect the cable drum and note where the cable comes in and out. Then, the output marked by a set screw that holds the cable in place. After, mark where the cable enters the cable drum and where the cable meets the cable drum first. By wrapping the cable with a strip of insulation tape at the point of entry. Last, remove the ball bearing plate with your screwdriver. This will expose the cable hole feeds through to reach the other side and the adjusting screw. Finally, loosen the adjusting screw on the other side of the drum and remove the cable from the drum.


Alignment Is Crucial

Align the new cable with the old cable. Start at the beginning of the cables, which start with a small loop. Then, run them together through your tight hand (which ensures the old and the new cable have the same length). And, continue running through until you reach the black electrical band. Also mark the new cable with black electrical tape. Then, insert the new cable into the cable drum, threading it through the opening. And through the small hole underneath the ball bearings. Flow through until the black electrical tape meets the drum. Finally fasten the new cable by tightening the adjusting screw. And insert the ball bearing plate again by pressing it.  Also, you need to make sure that all the garage door rollers are in place.


Find at least one person who can help you lift and hold the door open. Use locking pliers to hold the door in place and ensure your safety. To ensure safety, place the handles under the bottom roller that the door slides on. Remove all remaining spring if it’s broken. Look at all the sheaves and determine if you need to replace them. Check the bearings and the area around where the cables are touching. Take your old spring to the hardware store and find the appropriate replacement. Now, take your old cables off and buy new ones of the same brand.

Final Steps

Put your new cable where the old cable was. Place the new spring back where the old spring was. If you are replacing, and ensure that the spring is stretching no more than an inch when it is open all the way. If the spring stretches further, you can then move the door half open. And make adjustments in the spring and the pliers that hold the spring in place. Remove the clip and make sure no one is under the door or near the sources. Look at the springs and sheaves as the door closes. and ensure that the springs do not come off and the sheaves do not touch each other. Adjust if necessary at this point. If the springs have too much tension and the door does not close completely. Put the rear door in the open position and stretch the springs up to an extra inch.